The Narwhal Zone

 New Perspectives

As narwhals become more popular,people admire them greater. They create humorous videos about them like this one.

As you can clearly see, narwhals are amazing creatures.Although they are slowly become more and more endangered due to global warming.
 From, here's an article about how narwhals are being affected by this growing epidemic.

  Global warming has been causing more rainstorms in the Arctic, which can quickly turn open areas of water into impenetrable ice sheets, trapping narwhals from surfacing to get the air they need. Narwhals' tusks are actually extremely long incisors that protrude from the left side of the jaw of male narwhals. While the tusk's purpose is unknown, some scientists believe it is used in mating rituals to impress females or to battle rival suitors. These “sea unicorns” often travel in groups of 15 to 20 and have been known to gather in the hundreds.

  Now,narwhals are very well known for their "magical horns",which are similar to those of mythical "unicorns". Because of that, more people are hunting them and trading,auctioning,and selling/buying their "horns".More narwhals are quickly disappearing because of this.We need to stop hunting them and start respecting them. They deserve respect and we should give it to them. They are extraordinary, amazing,creatures who are world-renowned and have been honored by many including Indians and children. Please respect them and leave them be so that we will always be able to be astonished by their beauty.
      Thank You