The Narwhal Zone

Narwhal Fun Facts

  Narwhals are very interesting and extraordinary creatures.

-Their "magical horn" is actually an overgrown tooth.

-Some narwhals get two overgrown teeth.

-A male narwhal can reach 16 feet in body length and weigh about 1.8 tons!

-Females are usually about 3 feet shorter and only weigh 1 ton.

-At birth a narwhal can be 5 feet long and 175 pounds.

-Narwhals are predominantly found in the Atlantic and Russian and Canadian areas of the Arctic.

-They are a migratory species and in summer found closer to the coasts.

-Narwhals are often found in pods of 15 to 20.

-Their main predators are polar bears, sharks, walruses and orcas. They in turn feed squid, fish and crustaceans.

-Narwhal tusks do not regrow if they are broken off.

-The male's tusk is actually a very long twisted tooth that is hollow.

-Narwhal means "corpse whale" in Old Norse—perhaps due to the coloration of their bluish white skin.

-Baby narwhals are brown.

-Narwhals click, squeal, and whistle to communicate and/or navigate.

-Sometimes narwhals are called the unicorns of the sea.